Building Owners responsibilities

Building Fire Safety Maintenance

Responsibility for the maintenance of fire and life safety systems (essential safety measures) in a building ultimately lies with the building owner. Building Owners need to be aware of their new obligations and the requirement to have an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) completed.

In order to comply with AESMR legislation Australian Standards and the respective State and National bilding codes, a system needs to be put in place. As an example , the types of essential safety measures defined under the Building Regulations include

- air conditioning systems
- emergency lifts and lighting
- exit doors, signs and mechanical ventilation systems
- emergency power supplies, fire isolated stairs, passages and ramps
- fire control panels, fire hydrants and fire rated materials
- fire curtains and doors, paths fo travel to exits
- emergency warning systems and smoke alarms
- fire dectors, alarm systems and smoke control systems
- fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems
- It is important for Building owners to determine the exact date of construction and then make the necessary enquiries to determine what actions will ensure they comply with the legislation.

This information is provided as a guide and building owners should make their own independent enquries. We have provided a variety of web links that may be of assistance to Building owners