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17 Dec 19

5 budget friendly outdoor hacks to enhance your homes street appeal.

With Stefan Miscevic

Most of us care about presenting our home in the best possible light, but things like shabby paint and overgrown gardens won’t just put guests off – they could disappoint potential buyers too. ...more

27 Nov 19

11 Exciting Design Trends for A Modern Bathroom

With Stefan Miscevic

Following the latest trends in design, art, fashion, and music makes our lives fun and worth living. But, why limit yourself to these areas? Why not do the same for our homes, to make them as grand and  trendy as possible. And the first step should b ...more

12 Nov 19

How to make the most of your annual leave in 2020

With Stefan Miscevic

Strategically placed days on annual leave mean less days worked! - We could all use a little more annual leave. Whether it’s to make more time for hanging out with the kids or to book a long weekend getaway or international holiday! ...more

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