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19 Mar 20

Agents Respond to COVID-19

With Admin Westwood

First National Real Estate Westwood has announced practical temporary measures in response to Australian Government Department of Health recommendations related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). ...more

18 Feb 20

Transparency in Real Estate with Openn Negotiation

With Brodie Paten

In 2020 our clients are more and more online based and as such a new negotiating tool has been implemented by First National Westwood in the form of an online Auction system called Openn Negotiation. ...more

4 Feb 20

How to read the property market

With Brodie Paten

The state of the real estate market is often a hot topic around the dinner table or barbecue. Is it a strong market? Is it quiet? How can you tell when there’s a change around the corner? It’s the source of much speculation, but when you consider tha ...more

14 Jan 20

First-home buyer changes: What’s new from January 1, 2020?

With Brodie Paten

The buzz for first home buyers come January 1 is that thanks to the first-home Loan Deposit Scheme they might just get onto the property ladder sooner – and with a bite-sized deposit. ...more

27 Nov 19

11 Exciting Design Trends for A Modern Bathroom

With Stefan Miscevic

Following the latest trends in design, art, fashion, and music makes our lives fun and worth living. But, why limit yourself to these areas? Why not do the same for our homes, to make them as grand and  trendy as possible. And the first step should b ...more

7 Oct 19

Attention First Home Buyers - Should You buy a house or an apartment?

With Stefan Miscevic

When it comes to buying your first property, some of the decisions are out of your hands, thanks to the housing market, the economy and whoever decides to lend you whatever sum of money they choose. So should First hoe buyers go for a house or an apa ...more

18 Sep 19

Things to consider when buying a new family home

With Stefan Miscevic

When the time comes for you to move into a new home that's suitable for the whole family, you will need to look at some features you might not have considered in the past. From local schools to open spaces, your real estate priorities may have change ...more

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